Your character on the Isles Edit

For the most part, character generation within the Isle of Sahu is very much like a character generation at any table top game, just with a lot of other people at that same table. There will be house rules to follow, as listed below, and the player is expected to follow them to the letter. If you disagree, or have an idea that you want to run by one of the GM's, feel free to ask. However, due to this game being catered to a fair number of people, these house rules are often set for a reason, as it is easier for the GMs to moderate in the long run. With that said, let's get started.

A good rule of thumb Edit

Generally, a good rule of thumb is this: If it is on the d20pfsrd then it has potential to be used here. I bold potential, for the people that read the first line, and immediately thought "I can use Cybertech, and modern weapons? Sweet!", as that is not the case. The Isle of Sahu is still a fantasy setting, and will adhere to such rules. There are no robots, no lasers, and no guns on a general basis. This means there is no gunslinger class at all. The d20pfsrd is a good rule of them when focusing on core content. All third party content is not allowed within the Isle of Sahu. If there are exceptions, such as custom spells, items, and the like, they will be listed on this wiki for use.

Race Edit

All core and featured races are curently allowed upon the Isle of Sahu. All other races that are allowed will be listed here as they come.

Classes Edit

All Core, Base, Alternate, and Hybrid classes are allowed for play upon the isle of Sahu with the exception of the following (This list is subject to change):

  • Gunslinger

Players are encouraged to consider multi-classing as well. Currently, the game has a ceiling of 20 levels, but as the game grows, this is subject to change as well. When multi-classing, a player is only allowed to have a total of three different classes. if the class has a restriction upon it (Such as paladins being Lawful Good, and Monks following a Lawful Alignment) they still apply. All classes start with max gold potential at level 1.

Abilities formed upon a 36 Point Buy system Edit

I tend to make my encounters and sessions a bit beefy, it's just who I am. To compensate for this, I offer the players a bit more than the usual system. I personally enjoy rolling dice for abilities over point buy, but as this game is covering a lot of players, I - nor any of my GMs - are unable to oversee all roles. To prevent cheating, a point buy system must be used to generate abilities. You can find a calculator at this location.